Pediatric Dental Appointments in DallasEven as a parent, your child’s first dental appointment can be nerve wracking. If you know what to expect and choose a qualified provider of pediatric dentistry, however, the trip should be a breeze. Read on for your own personal guide to your child’s first dental appointment.

What to Expect
You can expect to bring your child to the dentist for the first time around the age of one. Rather than jumping into treatments, the first appointment is designed to help your child adjust to the presence of his or her dentist and the process of visiting the office. Your child’s dentist will take a look at the teeth that have erupted so far to ensure that there is no decay present and that the gums and jaws look normal. Your child’s first dental appointment is an excellent time to ask any questions that you may have regarding pediatric dental care.

The Pediatric Difference
Visiting a pediatric difference is not quite the same as visiting a normal dentist. A pediatric dentist is specifically trained to work with infants and young children, which is important because children’s mouths are still growing and their teeth are still developing. Pediatric dentists typically learn the appropriate skills and techniques over two additional years of training after the completion of dental school. Technically a standard dentist could provide treatment for your child, but a pediatric dentist is much better suited for the job.

Your Child and X-Rays
While it is common for children to begin having X-rays taken by the time they are around five years of age, X-rays can actually be taken at any time. It is typically a good idea to introduce children who suffer from early tooth decay or other oral complications to X-rays sooner.

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