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What Is Gum Disease And How Can You Prevent It?

As an adult, no one wants to go through the embarrassment of going to the dentist to find out that they have a cavity. Trust me when I say that

this thought has gone through my mind as a teenager. I knew I was practicing good oral hygiene, but yet even upon visiting I was anxious to know

if I had anything wrong. As we grow older, getting cavities become more unlikely considering the fact that we act with reason as adults –

hopefully. All jokes aside, other diseases that we might not know the preventative measure to come to play as we age. Of them gum disease is

prominent. Like many people, going to the doctor and hearing you have a disease can be frightful. However, why not know how to treat or

prevent these diseases before it’s too late. As a matter of fact, some medical jargon is meant to scare you. For example, gastroenteritis can sound

scary to most, but upon researching what this weird name means you would find out that gastroenteritis is just a stomach flu which can usually

be treated at home. 

To know how to prevent gum disease, we must first know what gum disease is and how it forms. To put it simply, gum

disease is caused by bacteria, also known as plaque, that isn’t removed by brushing and flossing daily. To know if you have gum disease you can

look for symptoms which include: bleeding easily whenever you brush or floss, the discoloration of the gums, gums are red, swollen, or tender,

persistent bad breath, or permanent teeth that are loose. In many cases, a mild form of gum disease known as gingivitis might be present. If so,

this can be reversed by practicing good oral hygiene. Going to the dentist for regular checkups and both flossing and brushing daily should do the

trick! In addition, no lose of bone or tissue would be present in the process.

gum disease cartoon

Now that you know what gum disease is, how can you prevent it?

Run from it! Yes, run. According to the Journal of Periodontology, those individuals who exercised frequently showed a lower frequency to gum

disease. The importance of a balanced diet and exercising daily has become much more important due to the related link of gum disease to other

known diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Preventing gum disease can be taken in three short steps

1. Eat right and exercise daily

2. Floss and brush daily

3. Visit the dentist for cleanings biannually