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Don’t Let the Cost of Dental Implants Get in the Way of Your Smile

Call or text us at  (972) 276 – 0159 to make your complimentary dental implant consultation with x-rays

Pros of Getting Dental Implants With Us

    • Dental implants are permanent. Unlike dentures or bridges, they last a lifetime.
    • Dental implant prices range from $4500 – $6000 for a single tooth elsewhere, we charge half of that.
    • We have you come in multiple times, making sure you have the correct healing process unlike same day implants.
    • We know having your smile back is important. That’s why we are using the best implant material, but also having the lowest price compared to other offices.

Cons of Not Getting a Dental Implant

  • Bone loss (makes future procedures much more costly)
  • Teeth will drastically shift.
  • Teeth surrounding the missing gap may get weak and  start to fall off.