As a parent, it is your job to make the best decisions for the care of your child. Sometimes, it can be difficult for your child to understand that these decisions are in their best interest. One such example is orthodontics. Having braces is an investment in your child’s future for healthy teeth, but convincing your child of that can be tricky. For some helpful tips about talking to your child about braces, continue reading.

Research All Options

With so many options in orthodontics available to teens as well as adults, there are more choices. While metal braces have proven to be effective in achieving straighter teeth, Invisalign offers similar results while being virtually invisible. Damon braces have brackets just like traditional braces, but are self-ligating braces, meaning you won’t have to bother with as many wires or rubber bands.

Talk About Long Term Benefits

For many teens, appearance is everything. It is a time where they feel judged by their peers and trying to fit in is of upmost importance. Teens view braces as a way of sticking out—and not in a good way. As a parent, it is your responsibility to help your teen understand the long-term benefits of braces. Help your child understand that by wearing braces for just a short amount of time, they will have a straighter smile the rest of their lives.

Make Your Child Comfortable

Wearing braces can be uncomfortable, as well as all the additional oral care needed to keep teeth healthy. For many teens, this can be a burden. Help your teen have all the tools they need to easily care for their teeth. It is also a good idea to make sure over the counter pain medication is readily available when your teen experiences pain.

At Fusion Orthodontics, our dentists will do everything the can to provide a seamless transition to braces for your child. With years of experience in orthodontics in North Dallas, we are able to provide support every step of the way. Learn more by calling (972) 666-4949.

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