How Do Dental Implants Work

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Making The Implant Process Painless

You may be wondering, how do dental implants work? The short answer is that dental implants work in many different ways depending on each patient and their needs. First, we need to cover how single dental implants work. At first, an implant is placed in the jaw and then it is left to heal. Whenever the jaw is done healing, the dentist will then install a crown, which acts as a tooth, over the implant. The crown, whether permanent or fixed, will not move. Eating, brushing, or flossing can be done normally with your dental implant crown.

What Are My Options?

Other options that our implant specialist may suggest is for you to have a removable denture over your dental implants. If you choose to have dentures, they will be snapped onto you implants after the healing process. The implants will still need to be cleaned and maintained, but now the dentures can be snapped on or off the implants to have stability.

Dental Implant Bridges

Lastly, another dental restoration method your dentist may recommend is that of a dental bridge. In this method, two or more dental implants are fixed to replace more than two teeth. The bridge is acts as a string of connection for a certain amount of teeth going all across the dental implants. Since flossing individual teeth will become difficult, we suggest getting a Waterpik or a floss threader in order to floss underneath the bridge. Dental implant bridges are used often whenever a patient doesn’t have enough bone. The dental implant bridge will create enough stability for your teeth.

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