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How Much Do Dental Crowns Cost?

Affordable Dental Crowns in Garland, TX

Getting dental crowns is a common procedure done for those individuals who wish to improve both the function and look of their smile.  The great thing about crowns is that they restore your teeth’s shape, size, and function! Their may be a variety of reasons why you may be seeking to get a dental crown in Garland. Whether it is to cover a filling, brighten up your smile, or improve the strength of a weakened tooth our cosmetic dentists have affordable crown options for those seeking a dental crown procedure.

While price can vary from provider to provider, on average, the price of a dental crown can range anywhere from $1000 – $1600. 

What Are The Factors That Go Into The Cost Of A Dental Crown?

As noted, the cost of dental crowns vary. Why? Well their are a number of reasons why dental crowns range in price such as the material that a crown is made of, location of your cosmetic dentist, cost of x-rays and the process of creating the crown itself. Other more complex reasons include reshaping your tooth or gum line in order to have the best fit possible. On the bright side, since dental crowns help improve the functionality of your smile and are not all purely cosmetic, some dental insurances cover part or all the cost of the dental crowns!

Dental Crowns At An Affordable Price

Here at Optima Dentistry and Orthodontics, are main goal is to provide our community with quality dental care without breaking the bank. That is why we accept most insurances and have in-house financing for those looking for affordable dental crowns in Garland, TX.

Take the step to a healthier smile and contact us. After all, dental crowns are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also extremely durable and can last anywhere between 10-15 years!