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How Much Is An Emergency Dentist?

On average, a visit to the dentist office with an emergency case can cost anywhere between $75 to $250 depending on the prices of your dentist. Usually, the cost of treatment is not reflected in this price but the x-rays and consultation is.

What does the emergency evaluation consist of?

First, our Garland emergency dentist will conduct an evaluation and walk you through the best treatment and finance option depending on the severity of your case. Please note that if you experience a dental emergency outside or normal business hours, dentist can be out of reach or charge a higher price for the service.

Don’t Hesitate To Call Your Dental Provider!

Don’t feel weirded out to call us if you’re facing a dental emergency. Having a good relationship with your dentist can go a long way. If you ever find yourself in an emergency you can reach them after hours to have them answer any inquiries you may have or have a prescription made in your local pharmacy. Note, if you’re face is swelling or have a fever due to trauma in your mouth, head to the hospital as this is a sign of a severe dental emergency.

If you’re faced with a dental emergency, our emergency dentists at Optima Dentistry at Garland are here to give you a helping hand. If you’re face to face with a life-threatening emergency, head straight to the hospital and call 911.