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A Tooth Saving Procedure

Knowing What Prices To Expect For A Root Canal Treatment

Getting a root canal treatment can seem quite scary at first. Yet this procedure is essential in order to save your teeth and minimize pain. Even with proper oral hygiene, root canals may be needed for a number of reasons including to treat deep decay, decay underneath a crown, or constant treatment on chipped and cracked teeth.

At the end of it, the reason to get an endodontic treatment is to save a tooth. Prior to modern dentistry, once a tooth was injured or infected, it would simply be pulled out. Now, modern dentist like ourselves make every effort to save a tooth!

How Much Is A Root Canal?

A root canal treatment can help alleviate any tooth pain you have and have you smiling again! However, the root canal cost is determined by which tooth is in need of treatment, the complexity of the problem, and if a dental crown is needed. Furthermore, it will also depend if you have insurance and if your endodontist is in network with insurance providers.

On average, a root canal can cost:

  • Front Tooth Root Canal Cost: $600 – $1200
  • Premolar Root Canal Cost: $700 – $1400
  • Molar Root Canal Cost: $800-$1600

Will My Insurance Cover A Root Canal Procedure?

Whether or not your dental insurance will cover your root canal treatment depends solely on the type of plan you have. Still, most dental insurances will cover about 50% to 80% of your entire root canal cost!

What Factors Go Into Deciding What Goes Into A Root Canal Cost?

As stated before, their are number of factors that go into determining the price of a root canal. However, it is important to note that the biting functionality of your natural teeth is better when compared to that of a dental bridge or a denture. Whenever you have a tooth that is pulled but isn’t replaced, this tooth may begin to shift, making it more difficult to eat and clean. In doing so, this may cause bacteria to build up and cause an infection. Other than the dental needs of a root canal it is best to consider these when thinking about the final price of a root canal:

  • If you have insurance
  • If you are going to pay out-of-pocket
  • Whether your endodontist has financing options

Affordable Root Canals in Garland

A lot of patients get weary of the root canal procedure and its cost. Whether it is the treatment or the root canal cost, just know our root canal specialist in Garland are here to offer flexible financial options in order to give you a safe, and affordable root canal treatment.