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Your Home For Your Child’s Smile

Pediatric Dentist In Garland, Tx

The home for your child’s dental care is right here in Garland, Tx! Here at Optima Dentistry, our main focus is to keep your child smiling and happy. Since Dr. Eslami sees every child as their own person, listening to their concerns, and answering their questions, this ensures your kids actually enjoy going to the dentist. Our Garland pediatric dental office has rooms designed specially with kids in mind to establish a great headstart on a lifelong journey of oral health.

When deciding who to choose for your child’s dentist, you want someone who has not only specialized training in working with kids, but also has a gentle chairside manner. Garland children’s dentist Dr. Eslami has both these traits. He has advanced training in many things such as pediatric dentistry, restorative, and preventative dental care. He knows what kids dentistry is all about!

Your Child’s Dental Experience

What To Expect On Your Child’s First Dental Visit

At your kid’s first dental visit, our goal is to ensure your child’s teeth are developing properly and are being well maintained. We will provide a simple visual exam and a gentle cleaning for your little one.

Comfort Is Key For Every Patient

Going slow whenever kids are fearful is key to make them feel calm and relaxed. By approaching all our patients with a friendly, gentle attitude, we help them feel safe.

Plan To Have A Great Visit!

Positive dental views begin at home! Try to showcase good feelings about the dentist prior to coming to our office and we’ll be sure to deliver on being an exceptional pediatric dentist.