The Importance of a Mouth Guard

mouth guard
Picture this, you’re in the ring, the ticker goes off signifying the last ten seconds of the round has arrived, the crowd is chanting your name and bam! Your mouth guard falls off. Luckily for you, the round is over and you win the fight. However some people are not so lucky. Some get a broken jaw, broken teeth, or even lose consciousness! Now their is one method to prevent up to 75% of oral injuries when it comes to high school athletes, and that is the mouth guard.
A mouth guard is simply a plastic shield held in the mouth of an athlete to protect their gums and teeth. According the the American Dental Association, an athlete is 60x more likely to get an injury whenever they are not wearing a mouth guard. In addition, it is estimated that about one third of all oral injuries are due to sports. The simple use of the mouth guard can prevent up to 200,000 oral injuries per year.
The injuries that can occur while not wearing a mouth guard range from chipped or broken teeth, broken jaws, root damage to the teeth, or even loss of consciousness.
Dental surgeries can cost up to thousands of dollars so buying the correct mouth guard is a worthwhile investment. The three types of mouth guards are
1. Ready to use mouth guards or stock mouth guards
2. Boil and bite mouth guards
3. Custom mouth guard made by your dentist
Whether you’re an adult or child athlete, mouth guards are essential in any sport even those where contact might be accidental.